M&P Barrels

The new 9mm Apex Grade Semi Drop-In or Gunsmith Fit replacement barrels for the M&P are available in either 4.25" or 5.00" versions. The Semi Drop-In is easily fitted by the end user while for those demanding the most in accuracy, the Gunsmith Fit version provides for precision fitting and installation by a competent gunsmith.

Apex conducted extensive accuracy testing using a mechanical rest to eliminate the human factor and gauge how accurate the barrels are when only the mechanical factors of the pistol are in play. What we found are 5-shot groupings at 25 yards that are routinely in the sub one inch range – with 115gr., 124gr. and 147gr. factory ammo. Of course, this is from a rest so final results may vary based on shooter ability, ammunition selection and variations in factory firearm tolerances.