FN Pistols

* * * AVAILABLE NOW * * *

Apex is pleased to announce that our new Action Enhancement Kit for the FN 509, FNS and FNS Compact model pistols are now available for purchase.

There are three kits offered. They are:

119-125 Apex Action Enhancement Kit for FN 509 models

119-114 Apex Action Enhancement Kit for FNS models (2014 manufacture and later)

119-113 Apex Action Enhancement Kit for FNS Compact models


We highly recommend installation by a competent gunsmith. Improperly removing the locking block pin from the FN frame can result in damage to the frame, up to and including breaking the frame. If you do not have a competent gunsmith in your area and do not want to handle the installation yourself, Apex has the following "FN Install Assistance" available.