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What It Does
The Apex Mass Driver Hammer is designed to lower both the hammer fall weight and the trigger pull weight for competition and recreational use. The hammer replaces MIM components found in Smith & Wesson Model 617 revolvers (-4 and later). Manufactured from heat treated 17-4 Ph stainless steel, the hammer is wire EDM and CNC machined then surface ground to ensure consistent performance.

Expected Results
– Allows for reduced hammer fall weight and trigger pull weight
This hammer converts your revolver to Double Action Only (DAO)
– Lacks a hammer spur for cocking to single action

Applicable To What Gun(s)
Works in current production Smith & Wesson Model 617-4 (L-Frame) .22 rimfire revolvers only.

In The Package
1 ea. Apex Mass Driver Hammer (L-Frame)
1 ea. Apex Fully Machined Revolver Sear (pre-installed)
1 ea. Apex Sear Spring (pre-installed)
1 ea. Stirrup and pins (pre-installed)
1 ea. Duty/Carry Rebound Slide Spring (Green)
1 ea. Competition Rebound Slide Spring (Silver)

Gunsmith fitting is recommended but not always necessary.