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What It Does
Designed with the competitive rifle shooter in mind, the Apex Square Shooter Compensator attaches to the threaded muzzle of a .223 or 5.56 caliber rifle to flatten out muzzle rise and reduce felt recoil. It also boasts a unique square design to distinguish itself from others on the market.

Expected Results
– Less felt recoil for the shooter
– Neutralized muzzle rise created by the inline gas port on top and muzzle baffles
– Adjusted baffles reduce high pressure gas turbulence in the flight path of the bullet resulting in improved accuracy
– Eliminates negative recoil impulse

Applicable To What Gun(s)
Most Rifles chambered in .223 Rem or 5.56mm with a threaded barrel (1/2-28 tpi).
Specifically designed and tested with AR-15 and Sig 556 rifles with a 16” barrel.

Features & Specifications
– Overall Length: 2.515"
– Diameter: .750”
– Weight (without crush washer): 3.4oz (98g)
– Finish: Salt Bath Nitride (QPQ) for a long lasting deep black color

In The Package
1 ea. Apex Square Shooter Compensator
1 ea. Crush Washer


Before attempting to remove your original muzzle device, consult your manufacturer or a professional gunsmith to check your barrel for a blind pin preventing the original muzzle device from being removed. Attempting to remove a muzzle device with a blind pin may cause permanent damage to your barrel.